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There has naturally been a rash of books about Africa since the new countries began appearing there a few years ago. Some of these books have been helpful, informative; others have merely been entertaining, charming. The New Nigerians contains these qualities in equal measure, and many more virtues besides. Alec and Mora Dickson, from Edinburgh, Scotland, were newlyweds when they began the Man O'War Bay project in the early 1950's. Man O'War Bay is at the foot of Mount Cameroon, near the south-east corner of Nigeria. The project was a series of one-month crash programs ""teaching"" leadership and initiative to outstanding young men from all over Nigeria-- precisely the men who would assume authority when independence came. The book is divided in thirds, dealing with the course itself, then with some especially memorable students separately, and lastly with a tour of the entire country which the Dicksons made before they returned to Scotland. This third section shows the graduated students in their villages, attempting to put into practice what they had learned. Mrs. Dickson writes glowingly of her subject, with real love for the people and an understanding of their problems that are nothing short of inspiring. As a portrait of an exciting country, of human beings accomplishing something truly worthwhile, and of original ideas in action, this book can be recommended to readers of all ages and interests.

Publisher: Rand McNally