A DOG FOR THE KIDS by Mordecai Siegal


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Successful, i.e., meaningful, relationships between children and dogs require a balance of basic knowledge of canine behavior and lots of hard work and perseverance, according to pet-care expert Siegal (The Good Cat Book, The Good Dog Book, etc.); here, he offers insights on natural dog behavior and tips on applying those insights in the raising of a pup. The book is meant to be read by the parent, who then passes the information on to the child. Siegal begins by examining the positive roles dogs play in children's lives--how dogs help youngsters develop humane attitudes, a sense of responsibility, and a positive self-image. There is sound advice on selecting a dog, with pointers on judging a mutt's temperament, as well as full-page descriptions of 45 breeds known to be good with children. (Weimaraners make wonderful watchdogs; golden retrievers are especially good with babies.) Typical behavior problems (chewing, biting, ""accidents"") generally can be avoided, we learn, by keeping the dog's stress level down, and by following the step-by-step directions for behavior-mod training and housebreaking. Also covered in some detail are nutrition, health, grooming, and caring for the older dog--with emphasis throughout on respect toward the animals as living creatures with real rights and needs. Just fine for its specific purpose, or general household use.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1984
Publisher: Little, Brown