THE GOOD CAT BOOK: How to Live with and Take Loving Care of Your Cat by Mordecai Siegal

THE GOOD CAT BOOK: How to Live with and Take Loving Care of Your Cat

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The author of The Good Dog Book (1977), and others of a friendly, relaxed mien, here concentrates on natural cat behavior as the basis for developing a good cat/human relationship. There are tips on choosing a cat (pure or random breed), on easing kittens through the first days away from their mothers, on providing toys (crumpled paper and ping pong balls are best), on grooming, exercise, and disciplining (how to teach the meaning of the word ""no""). The thorough nutrition section includes a debate on the vitamin C requirement for cats, and even diet recipes for the fat feline--Meow Sbu Pork and Paw Paw Egg. The chapter on cats and kids--part of which is meant to be read to kids--carefully explains what kind of creature may be sharing their bed (and whether cats should be allowed to do just that). For thorough information on health care, however, readers will have to look elsewhere--while the last third of the book, somewhat incompatibly, lists the official show standards of the Cat Fanciers Association, for 26 popular breeds. Otherwise, a fresh, engaging look at everyday matters that are commonly overlooked.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1981
Publisher: Simon & Schuster