BURLAP by Morgan Dennis


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Morgan Dennis' dog books have become collectors' items, and fortunately for the small fry for whom he writes his stories, he can spin a yarn as well. This is intended for younger children than some of its predecessors -- it's not important as a story, but it has his infallible charm...Dick comes to visit at his grandparents' farm and it is love at first sight for him and Burlap, little hound who always did the wrong thing. He played with rabbits instead of chasing them; he got himself caught instead of a woodchuck; he took a scarecrow for a tramp. And then he gets Dick in wrong too, when they are sent on an errand to deliver jelly doughnuts -- and Dick comes home, empty-handed, reporting the doughnuts stolen by a bear. Next morning -- after Dick has been punished -- his story is proved true. Burlap had treed a bear, escaped from the circus -- and he and Dick are heroes.

Pub Date: May 4th, 1945
Publisher: Viking