PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD by Morgan Phelps Noyes


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A recognized authority in the field of worship, Dr. Noyes was appointed by the faculty of the Yale Divinity School to deliver the 66th series of Lyman Beecher Lectures. This book is a compilation of the lectures, the material for which is drawn from the author's personal experiences in the ministry and designed to aid the student in a thorough understanding of the duties and demands upon a man who takes his place in a community as preacher, pastor and friend. ""Preaching the Word of God"" is not a preaching book; Dr. Noyes maintains that the work of a preacher is to see that the people keep hearing the word of God but that honest preaching must recognize and be adjusted to contemporary needs of present times while upholding the ""stabilizing and stimulating awareness"" of its own tradition; that there is inexhaustible material of authoritative truth contained in the Bible which can be interpreted as completely congruous with our rapidly changing times. Since 1935 Dr. Noyes has been minister in the central Presbyterian Church, Montclair, N. J. He is a director of the Union Theological Seminary in New York.

Publisher: Scribner