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MORE JOY IN HEAVEN by Morley Callaghan Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1937
Publisher: Random House

Callaghan is growing. He is a man to watch. And this promises better chances of widening his public than his previous books --one novel, a psychological study rather than straight fiction, and short stories. This is a powerful book, though restrained it ""packs a punch"". Blunt, hard, realistic, in a story of a bank robber who is released on parole, and after ten years' sentence, finds that he has a new slant on life and an aim of eventually getting a chance to work out his theories on the parole board. Reluctantly, he takes a job as a sort of hand-shaker in a bar, and is exploited by the public. He meets ""the girl"" and she helps provide the security he lacks, but in the end cannot save him from the society standards which force him into defense of those outside the law. The character -- ingenuous, optimistic -- comes closer to the Steinbeck figures than his brothers of the hard-boiled school. A moving story, and one that should give Morley Callaghan a place of his own among those watching for new stars on the literary horizon. Not for everyone -- but a fine piece of work.