LEONARDO DA VINCI by Morris- Ed. Philipson


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Leonardo da Vinci, the man, has become as symbolic, evocative, and enigmatic as a work of art."" He is undoubtedly deserving of this many-sided study which has contributors of note. Hauser writes on the social and economic conditions of the artist's time and place; Wolfflin, Valentiner, Berenson and Read on various aspects of his contributions to the graphic and plastic arts; Koyre, Sarton, De Santillana and Clark on his research in the physical sciences; Farrell and Eissler on psychological aspects; Valery and Shattuck on philosophical implications of his method and his ""meaning."" They cast some light on what was behind the Leonardesque smile.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1966
Publisher: Braziller