BACKLASH by Morris L. West


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A perfervid adventure story returns with Major Mark Hanlon, a British Occupation Commander, to a small village in the Austrian Alps, and tones up the salients of murder, rape, theft, sex and love with some higher concerns such as rehabilitation as against revenge, earthly sacrifice for spiritual gain. Hanlon is greeted by the wanton murder of his driver and, set on securing a life for a life, organizes a manhunt although he is rebuked by the saintly Father Albertus, who knows that the killer is mentally irresponsible, and balked by the chief of police who hides him. Three hundred D.P.'s are returned, riot and take the life of the man who had been the ""Butcher"" and again for Hanlon there is an equivocal question of justice to be imposed. And when Hanlon falls in love with the young Anna, he must decide between a marriage outside the church or the surrender of Anna and the child she bears until this is conveniently resolved... All this is parlayed into a sort of morality melodrama with maximal exertion, minimal conviction.

Publisher: Morrow