WELL DONE by Morris Markey


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Differing from previous aircraft carrier reports (Daybreak for Our Carrier, Miller, Baby Flat-Top, MacCracken, Carrier War, Jenson, Mission Beyond Darkness, Bryan & Reed, Queen of the Flat-Tops Johnston) this covers the support of the amphibious landings at Saipan, in June, 1944, and pictures the Ship at all moments of the engagement. Here is her ordered perfection, the work, action, and small things of the daily life, the personalities of officers and crew, from the island to the engine room, an evaluation of the new character of fleet engagements, the record of destruction to the enemy. It is a human record of men and the task they must perform, of the Ship, her vulnerability and her huge perfection; there is no over-dramatization. Stacks up well with the others.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1945
Publisher: Appleton-Century