PAST LIVES THERAPY by Morris & Nancy Shiffrin Netherton


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Here's a ""therapist""--founder of the Institute for Past Life Awareness in L.A. (where else?)--who believes that the suppressed memory of a traumatic incarnation is responsible for the ills that beset us in this life, including alcoholism, nastiness, and cancer of the cervix. The book is full of case histories to bolster that theory, including the one about Cathy, the 24-year-old claustrophobic with big hips, who ""discovered"" that her phobia stemmed from having met a violent death in a packing crate when she was a black slave. Another is Henry Aiken, whose problem with premature ejaculation stemmed from, coincidentally, a past life as a slave required to service six women a day as quickly as possible. ""The bulk of therapy is always concentrated in three special phases of the life cycle--the prenatal period, birth, and death."" Somehow Netherton manages to convince his patients that they are reliving experiences as fetuses, 18th-century hookers, and Bavarian carousel operators. Rent a womb with a better view next time.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow