THE WALLPAPER FOX by Morris Philipson


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From the time when Kate Warner conceals the smudge on the fine wallpaper put up for her husband Henry's 50th birthday, all kinds of other little Watergates take place within their family. Kate had lied about the fact that the real father of their first-born, a man now called Stanton, is still alive; Jonathan, that first-born, runs away from the hit-and-run accident in which he may or may not have killed a friend's son; and then Henry (the arm of coincidence here is very short) sells a war-purloined Rembrandt for the man who wants to atone for the loss of his sop to--of all people Jonathan's father, Stanton, and keeps half the proceeds for himself. Philipson's wallpaper covers up the way in which we protect ourselves and others, and the book, moralizing only a little, is kept as comfortable as its suburban circumstances. Perfectly satisfactory glasshouse entertainment.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1976
Publisher: Scribners