CHAOS IN OUR COLLEGES by Morris reedman


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s against Paul Goodman's swinging and groggy indictment of American colleges- The Community of Scholars (1962) this is an insider's (Freedman has taught n campuses east and west) report card on colleges, with every awareness of the confusion of issues, waste, duplication, and isolated problems which prevail. He anges over many of them: the redistribution of academic wealth (the Big Twenty Five have a monopoly); the Graduate Schools which should be more than a ""tail that wags he dog"" and should play a more decisive role down to the high school level; the eglect of the humanities and the Snow-Leavis dissension-dichotomy; the foundations bureaucracy and waste) as harmful as they are helpful; teaching placement and advancement; classroom size; the ""publish or perish"" motto; tenure and academic freedom; grading; etc., etc. Mr. Freedman is very aware of the soft spots and the more spots of education at this level but he views them within context of the institution- individually, and collectively at a distance- which permits perspective. Considered, conservative approach- for all concerned.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1963
Publisher: McKay