LAS VEGAS STRIP by Morris Renek


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This hasn't quite the grab of Renek's wistful little hooker Siam Miami although there's a replica of her here in Sherry Landers, a scared kid from Alabama who's used to palp and finger Bugsy Siegel who appears as Yank Karkov. It's Yank's idea to build a ""carpet joint"" in the desert and he's got an epigram for every occasion--like ""action has to be every second."" Thus before many seconds have passed, and with his associates Zutty and Nifty, the casino is opened with waitresses and keno girls, slot machines, bigger games, and more to come. But not for long--even though forewarned by Sherry that he's going to be iced by his former associates, Yank doesn't get away and is sprayed down in the final scene. Renek--you know him: he uses sex and violence simultaneously since in all his books they're one and the same thing. But he does have a command of the not so King's English (""If you step in shit believe it's good for the shoe leather"") which is one of those silver-lined clouds when you think of the audience. High-rolling entertainment for poolside reading from Jack LaLanne's to Caesar's Palace. Lots of green cherries.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1975
Publisher: Knopf