SIAM MIAMI by Morris Renek


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More of goat's than a Lambs' frolic about the shoddier aspects of show business, this one has an obstinately crude energy which keeps it refueled and while there will be those to find it tough and tasteless, on the other hand there are some funny moments. Maybe even a little sad since Siam Miami with her ""all out sexy style"" is the helpless victim of her appeal, a little dumb, and definitely dirty under that ""lilac froth of a dress."" She's also a natural patsy for Ziggy Motley, who is developing her, and Stewart Dodge who owns her (and has a proprietary personal interest in all his properties). During the course of her ascent Ziggy assigns a young man Barney to watch her weight, her drug habits, and her hygiene, and before long she falls in love with him. When they separate, Siam Miami is seen near the George Washington bridge, later at the Regency with Dodge which is a sexual disaster, still later cracking up altogether, and finally making a Garland comeback and it's a question whether Barney or an ambulance will pick up the pieces ... As for Mr. Renek, he makes the most of the cheap twang and carnal tang of Siam. Spiked Moxie and all set for that paperback booking.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1969
Publisher: Macmillan