REFORMING EDUCATION: The Opening of the American Mind by Mortimer J. Adler

REFORMING EDUCATION: The Opening of the American Mind

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From the chairman of the board of the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica; author of 26 previous books--more than a score of essays about American education, many reprinted from other book publications but with several new essays, including a stinging attack (re the collection's subtitle) on Allan Bloom. Adler's platform for reforming education rests on his ""Paideia"" principles, which call for ""a truly democratic system of education"" based on dialectical (rather than Bloom's ""doctrinal"") discussion of great books--i.e., a classical education made available to ""all children."" At book's end, Adler offers a listing of the great books he thinks could form a proper educational basis; that they are all from the Western tradition glares out--is Gravity's Rainbow really more of a pillar of liberal education than the Koran?--but the list does provide a good starting point for reforms clearly needed in our disintegrating school systems.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1989
Publisher: Macmillan