THE ART OF TRAVEL by henry James by Morton Dauwen- Ed. Zabel

THE ART OF TRAVEL by henry James

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From five travel books long out of print comes this scenic study in five parts. James' enthusiasts may renew impressions of Saratoga, Newport, Quebec and Niagara of the 1870's, of England's docks and cathedrals and abbeys, of smiling French country side and spectacles from Chartres to Carcassonne of the same period. The lover of Italy engraved his enthusiasm for Florence, Siena, Venice, Capri, Assisi, Perugia and Rome in a series of travel essays from 1873 to 1900. The American who became a British subject returned to his native land and recorded impressions of New England, New York, Newport, Boston, Concord, Salem and Washington. A fastidious pilgrim's report.

Pub Date: June 19th, 1958
Publisher: Doubleday