THE WALL-TO-WALL TRAP by Morton Freedgood


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.... is Above All Pictures Corporation, a New York outfit, and this features the struggle for survival of Ted, its Publicity Manager, who gives an inside pitch on The Industry. Having flouted its great white father, Willie (now with another operation- Network) Ted knows that the rumor that he will be fired by Larry-Willy's successor- is not idle and his chances depend on a publicity campaign for a foreign film, Miracle at Mons. He makes a tie-up with a small town southern Bernadette who has had a visitation which later proves to be more human than divine, sells the story- but scrounges to put it across- to a magazine, and with its exposure and repudiation- is fired. His domestic commitments-a wife and two children- leave him no out- he returns to the benevolent despotism of Willie..... Perhaps not on a par with- but no prettier than The Hucksters. What Makes Sammy Run, etc., etc., this is the same type of scrimmage without scruples- and convincingly crass.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster