THE HOBBY SHOP by Morton Grosser


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Although the intent is somber, the treatment is rather blithe in this story of a physics professor and his grappling with the effects of his wife's recent death. Professor Sol Janus of a large West Coast university, distraught after his wife's painful death, concerned about the future of his college-age son, becomes involved in an affair with Marge, widowed, lonely, sexually adventurous, but their relationship, although declaring for involvement in life's processes, is sterile, without the bloom of love. Friends and work aid Sol's recovery somewhat, but he is lost until he becomes acquainted with the busy bustle of the Hobby Shop with its heart-of-gold, tongue-of-foul teenagers; the elderly manager, Sophie, who ministers to the untidy; and lovely young architecture student, Carla, who soon raises Solar heat. Sol, having dealt with the reality of his grief through deliberate reminiscences, begins to live again, marrying Carla and buying the Hobby Shop. So much for physics. Survey course treatment for an involved and very special subject.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin