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Father Gleason has drawn on his wide experience as a lecturer at institutes of religious superiors and as head of the Department of Theology at Fordham University to produce a fresh and provocative set of reflections on the core-meaning of religious life, and shows its intimate identification with the reality of the doctrines of the Incarnation and the Mystical Body of Christ. Entirely candid in approach, To Live is Christ is a refreshing departure from the great number of piously ""pleasant"" or ""heavy"" books written for the religious. Superiors would do well to use this book as an administrative examination of conscience to help them to adapt, modify and perfect practices which have become out of date for this age. Father Gleason's proposals may startle but do make sense. for example, he suggests that women's orders not only should do something about their habits -- as urged by the Popes -- but should also consider a further modification of more modernized garb for street wear. Whether discussing the process of growth, Christian maturity, the way of poverty, the value of virginity, the notion of obedience or confidence in prayer, Father Gleason's observations bring new insight and recommendations which are enlightening and challenging. Here is a critical and knowledgeable examination of nature and grace in the religious life which deserves to be read and reread often by every religious.

Publisher: Sheed and Ward