OLD WINE, NEW BOTTLES: A Humanist Teacher at Work by Moses Hadas

OLD WINE, NEW BOTTLES: A Humanist Teacher at Work

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Moses Hadas of Columbia is one of the most distinguished scholars and educators in America today -- and this is a moving brief for the teacher, particularly the teacher of the classics. He gives us a work that is a congenial blending of autobiography and a history of Western education, with the emphasis on the latter. Beginning with the opposed schools of thought represented by Plato and Isocrates (""actually it was Isocrates' program which prevailed -- and happily so for the course of our culture"") he follows the course of theory and practice through the Romans, the Knightly versus the Scribal ideal, Erasmus and the Renaissance, the so called Classical periods, and the Scientism of the 19th century, to the academic problems of today. Professor Hadas is the perfect guide for this excursion, for not only is he a towering figure in the world of Greek and Latin scholarship, but he was also one of the pioneers in the humanities movement, which instigated the first widespread teaching of the classics, through translations, to the general level of undergraduates in American colleges. Anyone at all interested in the larger questions of higher education and particularly in relation to the humanities place in today's teaching world, will find this book not only delightful reading but indispensable.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster-Trident Press