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For A Light To The Gentiles

by Moses

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 2008
ISBN: 978-1477239896
Publisher: AuthorHouse

In a rambling commentary fueled by imaginative correlations between the King James version of the Bible and current events, Gill prophesies the world’s fate.

Gill, aka Moses, writes with such obsessive and prolix intensity about spiritual matters, it’s easy to understand why his “blessed-ex” wife told him to “Go be Moses.” The author states that “God revealed that the prophetic truths herein could only be found by reading the King James Version with the direction of the Holy Spirit.” Optimistic passages about God’s love open the account. It is “the depth of God’s love that He has for you to bring The Book of Stone your way before it’s too late.” The numerous quoted Bible texts (all quotes are underlined) bounce between the Old and New Testaments as needed, with special attention devoted to the books of Ezekiel, Daniel, Jeremiah and Revelations. After a brief introductory section about the number of the Antichrist, passages detail a “vast conspiracy” connected to the International Monetary Fund. The author notes that the IMF is spearheaded by the powerful “Zionist Occupational Government” consisting of renegade Jews whose “god is Satan.” Gill writes that the Holocaust is a hoax and that the dominant gentile world system is led by the “Great Whore,” which is “almost the same as the “New World Order,” an order created by a vast conspiracy of all levels of government, universities, the Postal Service, Wall Street, mass media giants, day cares and more to maintain a “grand scale delusion” to hide the truth. This nearly 300-page screed, which offends just about everyone, is meant to save “comfortable Christians, and even non-believers,” and exemplifies the difficulties inherent in persuading others if one maintains a literalist biblical ideology divorced from context, history and scholarship. When Gill writes briefly about friends and family, he seems like a pretty nice guy, but he  seems unable to consider that he, himself, might be one of the false prophets he warns about in Chapter 9 (also the chapter in which he forecasts in fanciful detail exactly how the New Jerusalem will come about).

Unless one already believes that Gill is a prophet, this rambling text full of misinformation and scolding is unlikely to persuade.