THE POWER OF LOVE by Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen


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If one loves,"" according to this renowned popularizer of and proselytizer for the Church, ""everything is easy; if one doesn't, everything is hard."" He then proceeds to catalog love, first revealing the trial of love as expressed in the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy ('Both were great, not by what was done by them, but what was done through them""). Then on to the nature of love in its three forms -- ""Eros,"" ""philia,"" ""agape""; to love and self with notes on the nature of selfishness, self abandonment, loneliness; love and society with speculations on speculative benevolence, foreign aid, courtesy, sympathy, identification; love and marriage -- ""a point of departure"" rather than a conclusion; love and children; and finally, the power of love with meditations on the meaning of life, the ultimate appeal to virtue, the mystery of suffering and persecution, the meaning of death, the right kind of optimism. His aim is higher than his performance. For an indoctrinated audience.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1965
Publisher: Simon & Schuster