SURRENDER TO THE SPIRIT by Mother Eileen Surles


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This is the life story of Mother Therese Couderc, Founder of the religious order of Our Lady of the Cenacle. Mother Therese was a French peasant girl who was discovered by the Catholic missionary Father Jean Terine and recruited to help him in his attempt to counteract the anti-Catholic effects of the French Revolution. Seeing the need for providing accommodations for the pilgrims to the Shrine of St. Regis, Mother Therese established a home for them and imposed upon the pilgrims the spirit and program of a religious retreat. Thus was started a movement of great significance in the Catholic Church whereby a chain of Cenacle retreat houses for transients was established in many of the great cities of the world. The book is no literary masterpiece, but it is an interesting documentary particularly for those concerned with the background of the Catholic religious orders.

Publisher: P. J. Kenedy