THE LONG DIVE by Mr. and Mrs. Smith


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The toy animals who encountered lightning, a supersonic plane, and witches in the sky during The Long Slide (1977) go tripping underwater here, when stuffed lamb Barley falls over a cliff that looks something like a slice of pie by Oldenberg. Bear Teddy and Jacko the hand-puppet monkey plunge in to the rescue, snatch Barley from a crab's claw, and drift past super-realistically rendered bathing girls, submarine, octopus, luminous fish, and a troupe of mermaids lined up like so many bare-breasted Rockettes. ""Magnificent!"" exclaims Teddy of the mermaids. ""Smashing,"" says Jacko, But it's all spectacle, no story--disappointing if you expect a picture book to be more than a parade.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1979
Publisher: Atheneum