THE LONG SLIDE by Mr. & Mrs. Smith


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Wherein a stuffed bear and lamb and a monkey hand puppet (Teddy, Barley, and Jacko, respectively) climb a sharp red ladder up and up--past clouds, lightning, a plane that shakes the ladder with sonic boom, and ugly, modern-dress witches on push brooms--and then race down a long slide ""over sea, over the countryside, and under a rainbow."" There's not much under the snappy surface, and though the Smiths temper the sharp surreality of ladder, slide, and witches with the soft grainy sky and fields in the background, and contrast the chill of the climb with the increasingly sunny and reassuring descent, the combination of nostalgic cuteness and slick modern effects reflects a less than fresh sensibility. It's all epitomized in one telling image--when Barley gets sick on the ladder and we're treated to a floppy stuffed animal's smartly rendered snot-green vomit.

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1977
Publisher: Atheneum