MADELEINE YOUNG WIFE by Mrs. Robert Henrey


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This third panel of Madeleine's life carries her story from 1937 to 1953 and concentrates on her farm in France and the birth of her son, the war years in England, and the return to Normandy, to pick up the threads and pieces of her old life there. All the complicated details of finding the right place, the negotiations with various families to purchase just what she wanted, the bustle of the thatcher, the water diviner, the builder and all the craftsmen, the niceties of settling into village life and the friendships slowly begun -- this precedes the birth of young Robert who was destined to have an early moving picture fame. The war a fact, there was the draft, refugees and finally their own departure with Madeleine's mother being refused permission to leave France. London of the blitz but with never a thought of taking the baby to the country and finally the liberation which enabled her to go back -- to a home plundered by villagers as well as Germans. The re-assembling of her dream house, the stories of the patriots and the traitors, her mother's shingles and her husband's infected chickenpox, her son's film career and the problems of expanding and continuing the farm --she brings the story up to date. Again all the tiny stitches of a life pattern, the full flow of motivation and emotionalization and the concentrated intensity of personal experience make this a fully explored world in microcosm. The market is ready-made.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1954
Publisher: Dutton