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THE PRESIDENT I ALMOST WAS by Mrs. Yetta Bronstein



Pub Date: April 1st, 1966
Publisher: Hawthorn

Among the feverish campaigning being carried on at Atlantic City in 1964, the television viewer may have spotted these pickets signs ""Vote for Yetta and Things will get Betta,"" or ""Mr. President, Pick Mrs. Bronstein for Your VP in 1964. She's Honest, Shrewd and Likable."" They may have also noticed Huntley grinning at Brinkley as they discussed Mrs. Bronstein's campaign. And here she is, the one and the same flower of the Bronx who ran for the nation's top office mainly because ""I feel that what this country needs is a mother."" Husband Horace, a cab driver, promoted her with his customers (that must have been a thrill for the tourist); wonderful son Marvin lobbied at school and Mrs. Bronstein herself worked the supermarkets, streets and also made a brief but spirited excursion into the Midwest. Support sprang up-- ""Youth for Yetta"" groups commonly known as ""Young Yettas,"" Playboy ran an article and Mrs. ""The Best Party"" Bronstein industriously wrote to Princes and Presidents. It's all great fun and Mrs. Bronstein plans to run again in '68 or that failing, '72. She's a Meshugganik. She wins our Gertrude Berg Jewish Mother Award. Good Luck.