APOSTLE FOR OUR TIME by Msgr. John G. Clancy
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This entry would appear to have won the race among publishers to be first in getting out a life of Pope Paul VI. Apostle for Our Time stands a top chance of also being among the best which will appear. It will be difficult to improve on it. Perhaps its publication may keep off the market or delay, at least, other versions which might be as bad as the abominable ones rushed into print at the time of John XXIII's ascendancy to the pontificate. Msgr. John Clancy writes well about a man whom he knew personally while serving with him in the papal secretariat of state. He fills out what has been an obscured personal life. Detailed research is evident throughout and his translation of the information into enjoyable reading is commendable. If the book suffers at all it is from its near-hagiographical emphasis. Certainly even a Pope must have some human failings. But then why quibble? Millions want to know about the 262nd successor to Peter's throne. They will find what they want to know here and be satisfied with the competent way this life of an ""apostle for our time"" is presented. Cardinal Cushing writes the foreword.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1963
Publisher: Kenedy