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ZOMBIE MOMMY by M.T. Anderson


From the Pals in Peril series, volume 5

by M.T. Anderson & illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

Age Range: 9 - 12

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4169-8641-6
Publisher: Beach Lane/Simon & Schuster

The latest in Anderson's madcap pastiche series takes on the undead of upstate New York.

By "undead," of course, we mean vampires, zombies and ghosts, despite Lily Gefelty’s father's insistence that undead really means "[p]eople who haven't died." When Lily's mother vanishes in Todburg, N.Y. ("Undead Capital of the U.S."!)—only to return from her trip clearly possessed—Lily and her friends pop off to the rescue. Good thing Jasper Dash (Boy Technonaut and hero of an adventure-book series) has a Robo-Sedan to take them to Todburg. Surely they will succeed at rescuing Mrs. Gefelty, for it's not just Lily and Jasper on this rescue mission, but Katie Mulligan (heroine of the Horror Hollow series) and Brother Drgnan Pghlik (not the hero of any series, although he is awfully swell). Unfortunately, they're also joined by Katie's snobby cousin Madigan Westlake-Duvet, the star of the Snott Academy series about bratty, beautiful prep-school kids. The layers of nonsense grow ever thicker and funnier as our heroes encounter a haunted theater that advertises "comical skits...Ha! Ha! Ha!”, a ghost actress from French-occupied Russia (or was that Russia-occupied France?) and a giant Adirondack tarantula.

Ridiculous in all the best ways. (Fantasy. 9-12)