HAGANAH by Munya Mardor


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Munya Mardor, currently director general of the Israel Weapons Research and Development Authority, was a main participant in the activities of Haganah from 1934 to 1949, when it was disbanded after Israel gained independence. The military instrument of the Zionist movement, it operated under cover to oppose the oppression of the Jews and to establish the Jewish nation. Munya Mardor's dry and undramatic commentary is in itself a cover for operations fraught with danger and emotion. He describes special operations before 1939 undertaken to discourage the Arabs from attacking Jewish settlers, fighting the White Paper, the British blockade, sabotaging the Iraq oil pipeline. Then there was the fight of immigration, life blood of the movement, and the bombing of the Patria (dramatized to advantage by Leon Uris in Exodus) to save deportees from being returned to Nazi Europe. Following World War II, came the arming of the people which brought missions in Europe, and with independence the need for fighter aircraft to counter the Arabs, until peace was achieved. This stands as a record rather than as a reading experience; as such it has a definite but defined interest.

Publisher: New American Library