HOT SPOT by Muriel Davidson


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In an apparent attempt to prove that she can easily surpass the distastefulness of her unpleasant first novel, The Thursday Woman (1979), Davidson has concocted a crude, pointless, un-titillating roman à clef cartoon set in the exclusive desert community of Palm Spa. Here you'll meet cretinous, mob-owned singer Jason Wonnote (of ""I'll Do It Your Way"" fame) and his lethal bodyguard Gill--an Indian who provides sexual services for 76-year-old gossip columnist Esme (tying her legs to teepee poles, spitting on her, training frogs to perform cunnilingus); also, Gilly is out to kill ex-Sen. Charles Harris (an anti-Indian hypocrite) with a toilet plunger full of snake venom. Sen. Harris, meanwhile, is purposely not being cured of his syphilis so that he can keep ""depositing the loathesome [sic] seeds of his syph into the perfumed vaginas of his enemies."" Plus: ""cuntydumb"" movie star Maggie, who has sex with burros; comedian Pinky and his paralyzed, vegetable-like wife; and gay activists who shout ""Piss, poop, corrupted Snot/ Eighteen Assholes tied in a knot./ Yeah Weasel Piss!"" And it all ends with nearly everybody drowning in quicksand at a party involving fake heads designed by real-life makeup artist Frank Westmore--so that Davidson can plug her ""wonderful"" book on the Westmores. By every conceivable standard--dull, dumb, and gross.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1980
Publisher: Marek--dist. by Putnam