A NEW SELF: Self-Therapy with Transactional Analysis by Muriel & Louis Savary James

A NEW SELF: Self-Therapy with Transactional Analysis

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First James and Jongeward wrote Born to Win (a Gideon of the I'm O.K.You're O.K. set). Then Jongeward and Scott struck again with Women as Winners (foal of Born to Win). Now James and Savary have boarded the Transactional bandwagon to produce what they claim is a ""no jargon"" effort to help folks feel better ""personally and interpersonally."" No jargon, they say? Part one deals with the New Relating Self; part two with the New Individual Self; part three, the Transpersonal Self. All of which is supposed to help us accomplish what they call ""Self Re-Adulting,"" by means of--you guessed it--LISTS. List: Transcending Experiences I Have Known. List: Things To Do When Faced With The Imminent Takeover by Parent or Child (two states that impede transaction). Imagine the ""ideal you,"" with adjectives to describe it. Next season, we're obviously due for further offspring of Born to Win, from Scott and a co-author and Savary and a co-author. And the season after that. . . .

Pub Date: April 20th, 1977
Publisher: Addison-Wesley