51 CAPITALS OF THE U.S.A. by Muriel Mandell


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A new title in Sterling's Visual Geography Series. This features photographs of all the buildings used by the 50 state legislatures with uncritical caption descriptions of the architectural styles employed. The addition of Washington, D.C., brings the total up to 51. A discussion of its status as a district might have been more valuable than the grab bag of historical facts and the minimal photographic tour of the city that is offered. This could be said with some truth for all of the short essays. When the author departs from the outline of when, why and how the cities were chosen as capitals, the spread of information goes from the useful to the odd fact. The arrangement is geographical rather than alphabetical or by date of state admission to the union. The extra photographs shown for each state include outstanding monuments and/or governors' mansions.

Pub Date: Dec. 17th, 1965
Publisher: Sterling