MORE NIGHT by Muriel Rukeyser


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In this soft-pedal depiction of night, made softer by Shimin's double-page pastel montages, Grandma begins by telling grandson Jacob that ""night is the darkness of the world."" Only at the end does she return to this phrase, explaining that ""Night is the darkness of the world when the sun is on the other side. As the world turns, it's always night for some, and always day for some."" Meanwhile there is a listing of the people and animals who come out at night--and, next morning, after Jason puts them together in a dream about a diver in the sea around the corner, the observation that ""dreams come out at night too."" Lulling, perhaps, but lackluster in the extreme--and goopy in the viewing.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1981
Publisher: Harper & Row