ALIENS by Murray; Clifford D. Simak & Arthur C. Clarke Leinster


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Since this reprint series seems to be in the business of rescuing neglected masterpieces (see Anderson, above), it's a distinct surprise to come upon Leinster's much-anthologized ""First Contact""--or Simak's ""The Big Front Yard,"" which is alive and kicking in his Skirmish collection. Editor Bova certainly could have dug a bit deeper. However, there is no complaining about the quality of the stories themselves: Leinster's old-fashioned but penetrating presentation of a Terran and an alien crew unwillingly painting themselves into showdown corner by application of a shared military mentality; Simak's gentle encounter between Earthside and extraterrestrial horse-traders; Clarke's wonderful account of a cyborg exploring the atmosphere of Jupiter by balloon (""A Meeting with Medusa."").

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's