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You won't find his name among the big winners. His luck wasn't that good. But no one can tell me that Benny wasn't a real champion. He had the form and the speed and the heart."" So speaks the Gambling Lady about the horse that a whole family lived for, that trainers and jockeys and grooms loved and in whom all believed. Born on their Cold Spring Farm in Pennsylvania and immediately giving evidence of his courage, trust and intelligence, Ben Lewis, whose looks had been predicted by old Captain Ben Lewis before he died, enslaved the McMasters family at once and although their financial picture was more often dim than bright they never thought of giving him up. This is the tale of his training, his races and his earnings and the little luck but lots of pluck that made him a racing notable. It's a tale of the tracks from Saratoga to Florida, of friendships that Benny brought to the McMasters, of the ""chicken or feathers"" in both pocketbook and esteem that marked their days together. And of the white pigeon with black in its tail that followed him everywhere, until his death in California when he had been rented to play the part of Man O'War in a picture. A horse story that is really different.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1954
Publisher: Doubleday