TANSY TANIARD by Myrtle Strode-Jackson


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Readable, full-bodied historical novel of the days of Mary Stuart and Elizabeth. A detailed colorful tale, in which, through the eyes of Tansy Taniard, whose mother was something of a mystery, Elizabeth is seen in all her glory and determination to do the best for her people and her country. Tansy, from Sussex, in offering her hair for a wig for the Queen, meets Elizabeth, wins her interest and vows permanent loyalty. Tansy evades any change of marriage with neighboring Folx of a Catholic family; loses her heart to adventuring Rupert who dreams of his lands in France; and through Rupert comes to court to ell her lotions, and witnesses Elizabeth's acceptance of the suit of her French admirer, d'Anjou. Back at the farm, Tansy houses Dutch exiles, fends off the advances of trader an Snooken, helps Rupert return to France. He sends for her and she joins him and they are on the verge of marriage when she overhears a plot against the Queen, turns on Rupert in turn, to save her, denounces her. She escapes from her convent prison, is aided in taking her news to Walsingham and saves her idol trouble. Rupert returns, renouncing his states, and Elizabeth pardons and knights him and marries him to Tansy...Threaded through the religious, political and social questions of the day.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1945
ISBN: 0548067627
Publisher: Scribner