Mystery & Crime Book Reviews (page 945)

Released: June 18, 1992

"Granger is on surer ground with Drover than with his more mannered November Man series."
Defrocked sportswriter Jimmy Drover (Drover, 1991) is back for a visit to Chicago, where he is unable to resist an appeal for help from an old college flame who has problems with her brother, her ex-husband, the mob, and the NCAA. Read full book review >
Released: June 17, 1992

"Cornwen, one of the great naval writers of this era, finds a way to get his intrepid army hero to sea for much of the story—without in the least compromising the high standards of this first-rate series."
The hero of Cornwell's Sharpe series (Sharpe's Revenge, etc.) reluctantly abandons his Norman hearth and home to search for an old friend gone missing in revolutionary Chile. Read full book review >

AND THEN YOU DIE by James E. Martin
Released: June 16, 1992

"A so-so effort."
The third outing for Cleveland shamus Gil Disbro finds him flying to Nevada in search of millionaire Boyd Lassiter's estranged wife, Renee, now mysteriously missing from a dude ranch. Read full book review >
FINAL CURTAIN by Mignon F. Ballard
Released: June 15, 1992

Tepid romantic suspense from southern specialist Ballard (The Widow's Woods, etc.), who, this time out, sends Virginia Cameron to Fiddler's Glen and the Plumb-Nelly tavern/guest-house to discover what really happened 50 years ago to her grandmother's sister, Dahlia Brown. Read full book review >
Released: June 10, 1992

"Don't be fooled by sensitive Nate's low profile: Levitsky is already turning out some of the strongest detective fiction since Ross Macdonald."
Civil-rights lawyer Nate Rosen (The Love That Kills, 1991), called by his old friend Jesse Compton to Earlyville, Tennessee, to defend snake-handling Rev. Read full book review >

DOUBLE DEUCE by Robert B. Parker
Released: June 8, 1992

"Nothing new, just Parker marking perfect time: Spenser fans will love it."
Spenser and Hawk take on a black street-gang while, on the domestic front, Susan persuades Spenser to move in: more hard-boiled mystery with a runny yolk from the ever-entertaining Parker. Read full book review >
A SLASH OF SCARLET by Nancy Baker Jacobs
Released: June 8, 1992

"Cluttered, overplotted, mildly absorbing—without the punch or focus of Jacobs's first."
A second outing for p.i. Read full book review >
SOUR GRAPES by Martin Sylvester
Released: June 8, 1992

"William, a little adrift without a woman at hand to interest him, is still excellent company as he dissects Mediterranean machismo."
William Warner, urbane wine-seller/sleuth (Rough Red, etc.), is encouraged by his wife to help out his former mistress, Maud, whose companion Nick has disappeared from their rustic quarters on Crete, thereby setting in motion some of the most insightful, beguiling travel writing this side of Jan Morris. Read full book review >
DEATH IS FOREVER by John E. Gardner
Released: June 8, 1992

"Ian Fleming's fans need not apply."
Of course, it isn't really forever; it's just business as usual for James bond, still gamely tackling would-be world dominators—this time, Wolfgang Weisen, the Poison Dwarf of East German intelligence—in his 11th outing under Gardner's flag. Read full book review >
EVERY CROOKED NANNY by Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Released: June 3, 1992

"And heavy-handed attempts at social satire, plus leaden repartee between Callahan and her mom and cop friends, don't help."
Cloying debut of ex-Atlanta cop turned part-time p.i. Read full book review >
ABOVE THE LAW by Robert Robin
Released: June 3, 1992

"Even the sure-fire courtroom material falls flat."
The death of aggressively self-made entrepreneur Sam Yones's much-loved older son Matt, who'd been his father's gofer for years, is followed by a grand jury investigation of Sam's sharp investment practices—in this big, unfocused, breast-beating orgy from the author of Something in Common (1985). Read full book review >
FATHERLAND by Robert Harris
Released: June 1, 1992

"But only a Schweinehund wouldn't like this springtime for Hitler, with its waltzes through the Holocaust to the tunes of Leh†r's The Merry Widow."
There are no happy novels set in Berlin, but Harris (Selling Hitler, 1986, on the diaries forgery) has managed a novel that dances on Hitler's grave with amusing success. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Sara Paretsky
author of BRUSH BACK
July 28, 2015

No one would accuse V. I. Warshawski of backing down from a fight, but there are a few she’d be happy to avoid. High on that list is tangling with Chicago political bosses. Yet that’s precisely what she ends up doing when she responds to Frank Guzzo’s plea for help in Brush Back, the latest thriller from bestselling author Sara Paretsky. For six stormy weeks back in high school, V.I. thought she was in love with Frank. He broke up with her, she went off to college, he started driving trucks for Bagby Haulage. She forgot about him until the day his mother was convicted of bludgeoning his kid sister, Annie, to death. Stella Guzzo was an angry, uncooperative prisoner and did a full 25 years for her daughter’s murder. Newly released from prison, Stella is looking for exoneration, so Frank asks V.I. for help. “Paretsky, who plots more conscientiously than anyone else in the field, digs deep, then deeper, into past and present until all is revealed,” our reviewer writes. View video >