Mystery & Crime Book Reviews

TRAIL OF ECHOES by Rachel Howzell Hall
Released: May 31, 2016

"The third and best of a finely wrought series (Skies of Ash, 2015, etc.) that gives voice to a rare figure in crime fiction: a highly complex, fully imagined black female detective."
Talented African-American teenagers from a poor LA neighborhood are targeted by a serial killer. Read full book review >
MISSING, PRESUMED by Susie Steiner
Released: June 28, 2016

"Hopefully, this is just the first adventure of many Steiner (Homecoming, 2013) will write for DS Bradshaw and her team."
A new and complex police heroine tries to solve a high-profile missing persons case while seeking domestic fulfillment in Cambridge. Read full book review >

BUFFALO JUMP BLUES by Keith McCafferty
Released: June 28, 2016

"The fifth case for McCafferty's fly-tying detective is as rich in history, local color, and unique characters as the first four. You can't help hoping that the two leads will solve the problems of their relationship as readily as all those crimes."
An animal sacrifice is prelude to human murder in Montana. Read full book review >
NO GOOD TO CRY by Andrew Lanh
Released: July 5, 2016

"Lanh (Return to Dust, 2015, etc.) poses an excellent mystery with a surprising twist while exploring the psychological scars inflicted by a war long ago."
Can solving a tough case expiate a detective's private sins? Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Marilu Henner
April 26, 2016

After they’d been dating only a short while, and as they were falling in love, Marilu Henner and Michael Brown were hit with the ultimate bad news: Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Refusing traditional care, they pieced together a personal and holistic view on battling his cancer, all while forging an unbreakable bond. In this moving and informative book, Marilu pulls back the curtain on how they dealt with the blow. She relates her holistic perspective on health—including the superfoods, exercises, and immunotherapy they used to fight back—and why a diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of romance or of a happy and fulfilling life. “An inspiring love story wrapped in a serious call for new ways to treat disease,” our reviewer writes. View video >