The November Working by E.A. Odin
Released: Aug. 3, 2016

"A chilling, and unfortunately timely, commentary on the dangers of demonizing the other."
Social and political turbulence in the 1930s sets the stage for murder in this debut historical thriller. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 3, 2017

"The mystery comes in second (or maybe third) to history lessons and paeans to traditional American values in this folksy tale of small towns and big hearts."
Hardworking farm wife Alafair Tucker unravels more mysterious deaths among her Oklahoma neighbors (All Men Fear Me, 2015, etc.). Read full book review >

TWO DAYS GONE by Randall Silvis
Released: Jan. 10, 2017

"Beneath the momentum of the investigation lies a pervasive sadness that will stick with you long after you've turned the last page."
A Pennsylvania police officer digs deep, then still deeper, into the mystery of an inexplicably slaughtered family. Read full book review >
The Ludolf Papers by C.K. Carlson
Released: April 22, 2016

"A vividly rendered, meticulously researched, and often engrossing read for war buffs and historical suspense fans."
Conspiracy, espionage, and historical suspense prove a heady combination in this debut thriller about Nazi war crimes and big pharma. Read full book review >
ESCAPE TO HAVANA by Nick Wilkshire
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"A bit of romance, a bit of gentle humor, several bits of official corruption and drug-related violence, and a chance for the mild-mannered hero to rise to an impossible challenge. It doesn't hold together any better than this summary suggests, but individual bites are tasty enough."
Wilkshire (Thin Ice, 2014, etc.) kicks off a new series by packing middle-aged pencil-pusher Charlie Hillier off to Havana as the Canadian Embassy's new Management Consular Officer. Read full book review >

King Peso by Carmen Amato
Released: Sept. 1, 2016

"A satisfying read with plenty of bad guys and a solid, well-defined heroine."
Emilia Cruz Encinos is back for her fourth outing as Acapulco's only female detective, once again confronting institutionalized corruption while trying to solve a string of murders. Read full book review >
DENNY'S LAW by Elizabeth Gunn
Released: Dec. 1, 2016

"Gunn (Noontime Follies, 2015, etc.) has produced an expert police procedural with plenty of quirks and twists that raise it well above the average."
A Tucson police detective catches a murder case that is anything but ordinary. Read full book review >
COVER ME IN DARKNESS by Eileen Rendahl
Released: Dec. 8, 2016

"Unlikely allies drive a story in which Rendahl (Dead Letter Day, 2013, etc.) never lets her heroine escape her past."
A woman trying to lead a normal life after fleeing a cult is dragged back to investigate when her mother suddenly kills herself. Read full book review >
PET IN PERIL by Marie Celine
Released: Dec. 1, 2016

"Although Celine keeps the killer hidden till the end, her scatterbrained heroine's antics become ever more trying in this day-at-the-beach cozy."
A pet chef leaves no mystery unsolved. Read full book review >
ILL MET BY MURDER by Elizabeth J. Duncan
Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"Duncan's second Catskills mystery (Untimely Death, 2015, etc.) is a delightful cozy with plenty of interesting characters and a touch of midlife romance."
A Shakespeare play, a pre-wedding party, and a murder are all in a day's work for a clever costume mistress in upstate New York. Read full book review >
TIME OF DEATH by Lucy Kerr
Released: Dec. 13, 2016

"An accomplished debut that combines mystery, medicine, family angst, and a touch of romance."
A nurse's visit to her hometown quickly lands her in trouble. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 6, 2016

"This series kickoff from MacRae (Wilder Rumors, 2007, etc.) is chock-full of intriguing characters and Highland charm. Maybe a little too full: it could have done with some judicious pruning."
Four ladies who've purchased a bookshop in the Scottish Highlands find murder messing up their plans. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Melissa Sweet
author of SOME WRITER!
September 26, 2016

“SOME PIG,” Charlotte the spider’s praise for Wilbur, is just one fondly remembered snippet from E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. In Some Writer!, two-time Caldecott Honor winner and 2014 Kirkus Prize finalist Melissa Sweet mixes White’s personal letters, photos, and family ephemera with her own exquisite artwork to tell his story, from his birth in 1899 to his death in 1985. Budding young writers will be fascinated and inspired by the journalist, New Yorker contributor, and children’s book author who loved words his whole life. This authorized tribute is the first fully illustrated biography of E. B. White and includes an afterword by Martha White, E. B. White's granddaughter. “Like Charlotte, Sweet spins a terrific story,” our reviewer writes in a starred review. “A masterful biography that will enchant young readers.” View video >