MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS by N. Brysson Morrison


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Report repeated from page 807, of the September 1st, 1960, bulletin when scheduled for fall publication. It has been postponed for June selection by the Literary Guild. ""A clearly organized and poetically written addition to the many volumes written about Mary Stuart (spelled Stewart in this book). This relatively brief biography attempts the difficult task of recreating the emotional conflicts that characterized her life. One gathers that the tragedy of Mary's life was twofold: the historical accident of the times in which she lived, as a Catholic Queen in a deeply divided country in the process of becoming Protestant; and her search for a strong man to love, whom she finally found in her third husband, the Protestant Bothwell. At the same time that the emotional and romantic side of the story is given full rein, the author is scrupulously fair in analyzing situations which have been the subject of argument among historians, such as the character of the Earl of Bothwell and whether or not Mary was actually implicated in the murder of her second husband, Lord Darnley. A summary of the evidence is presented in such instances, and the conclusions of the author clearly stated. A lucid, fair and charmingly written book.

ISBN: 1849210837
Publisher: Vanguard