THE TIDES OF DAWN by N. Louise Mally


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The period of the Spanish domination of the Netherlands (16th century) as back ground for an historical novel, broad in scope and of sustained interest. The character focus is on Jacqueline de Chatrois, daughter of a nobleman, and the man she eventually marries, Gerrit van Wagenon of merchant heritage -- their respective families -- and the challenge to courage posed by the siege of Leyden. It was a time of religious upheaval and wholesale persecution and burning of so-called heretics; of courage and cowardice, determination and deprivation, as the Dutch, after years of struggle, finally overthrew the rule of Spain. Not top flight, perhaps, but better than average historical novel in that the historical conflict supplies the central core (rather than the stage props) with the rest of the struggle within the characters themselves.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1949
Publisher: Wm. Sloane