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by Nadine Robert ; illustrated by Jean Jullien

Pub Date: April 16th, 2019
ISBN: 978-0-525-64714-0
Publisher: Random House

The whimsical story of a cat not bound by stereotypical cat behavior.

Early one morning Peter hears a mewing sound. When he goes to check he finds at the door a box with “Bruno” written on it. Upon Peter’s opening the box, “Bruno the cat rose up on his back legs. “Gee, Bruno! You’re standing!” Peter exclaims. And so starts the story of the friendship between an accepting boy and his unique cat. Pam, Peter’s friend, has many questions about Bruno: “Can Bruno catch mice?” “Does Bruno like to play with balls of yarn?” “Does Bruno scratch his claws everywhere?” Jullien’s depictions of Bruno’s reactions to the banality of the questions are perfect. Of course a cat that prefers standing on his hind legs also prefers chasing mice on a skateboard; playing house and serving tea; giving back rubs and chewing bubble gum—and he’s an ace at catching a thrown ball. For Peter, though, the most important thing is that Bruno “is [his] friend!” The simple, cartoonlike illustrations, heavily outlined in black and backgrounded by saturated pastels, are as whimsical as the story. The tuxedo cat’s expressions as it regards a bowl of kibble or gets down and boogies are priceless. Peter has olive skin and straight, black hair while Pam has brown skin and a tight, black Afro.

Originally published in French, this Canadian import should be a welcome addition to the unique-pets bookshelf.

(Picture book. 3-6)