A WALL AND THREE WILLOWS by Najmeh & Helen Hinckley Najafi


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The girl of Persia is My Heart has become a woman, formidable in her urgency, the urgency of one who wishes her people to progress five hundred years in one generation. Najmeh Najafi wens back home after a stay in America, leaving her husband to complete his studies. His return precipitates a personal crisis which lends interest and edge to a book essentially about her devotion to Persia. Najmeh went as woman's director to remote, desolate posts--Bampoor, Baluchiston, where the people were so poor they sent the children out to graze with the animals in the spring; Dashte Mogan, where she was forced to lie to save a young mother from the death she (but not the girl's husband) Considered worse than the dishonor of having the doctor see her body. Then there is her own village, Sarbandan--her own because she had worked with the people over the years, brought the clinic, and at last the factory, backed by CARE, an accomplishment she had set her heart on and nearly gave her life to complete. Najmeh learned to think of herself as three willows: herself; administrator, organizer, social worker; wife and mother--at the close of the book there is a promise of serenity, something new in her life. A new look inspirational housewives would do well to read; the CARE trademark should help open their doors.

Publisher: Harper & Row