TIGER IN THE BUSH by Nan Chauncy


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A hidden fertile valley in the Tasmanian Mountains of Australia is the setting for this story. Dad Lorenny discovered the valley, and his kinfolk comprise its population. The story centers around episodes in the lives of young Badge, Iggy and Lance; their daily chores, their hunting and prospecting adventures. The outside world moves in a bit when a distant cousin from America, now a zoologist, visits the valley in search of the rare Tasmanian tiger. Badge and Iggy know the tracks he finds are only those of an ordinary wombat, but they don't let on. The scientists, with all their training eventually arrive at the same conclusions that the Lorennys have known from years of practical bush life. Unusual language patterns and confusing word usage create veritable barriers to comprehension. Here, intense regional flavor becomes a serious obstacle.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1961
Publisher: Watts