SILVER SPOONS by Nancie MacCullough Weir


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There's not much bed-rest on the maternity floor of Preakness, i.e., Harkness Pavilion of New York's Columbia-Presbyterian under its old name, Physicians & Surgeons, where you'll find a screen star, a governor's daughter, a rich woman who will attempt suicide after her child is stillborn and she discovers her husband is a homosexual, a wealthy socialite in for a D & C, and a token Puerto Rican are all about to have or lose their babies. One of the offspring comes down with an unidentifiable vires (imported from Nigeria, no less) which kills a nurse while everyone else survives. Even more than the quasi-name change of the facility, it's the maribou (sic) trimmed bedjacket and Sole Veronique with green grapes on the lunch tray that indicate this is long past term by thirty years.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam