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Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-670-01854-3
Publisher: Viking

After Lori’s twins claim they saw a vampire in the woods, her investigations reveal some astonishing facts.

Lori Shepherd, no stranger to danger, is enjoying the peace of a charming English village until her sons enter school, turning her into an overprotective wreck. Because almost no one believes their tale, Lori (Aunt Dimity Goes West, 2006, etc.) enlists the investigative help of Kit Smith, stable master at Anscombe Riding Center, who’s taking time off to avoid the crowds of rich young men besieging Nell Harris, the love of his life. Lori is anxious to get Nell and Kit married. Although they’re madly in love, Kit refuses to pop the question and snaps at Lori when she urges him on. So Lori confides her fears to Aunt Dimity, her mother’s deceased best friend, who speaks to her through the pages of her journal. Dimity offers reassurance along with several suggestions about the vampire’s identity. Lori, robustly skeptical of vampires, thinks nearby Aldercot Hall may house the mysterious figure. Lori and Kit meanwhile meet a charming camper who has returned after a long life in Australia to an area he obviously once knew well, and they find that he is somehow linked to Charlotte DuCaral, the current inhabitant of Aldercot Hall.

One of Aunt Dimity’s most suspenseful mysteries. Loyal fans will be thrilled by every new revelation.