MIG O' THE MOOR by Nancy Caffrey
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A charming horse and boy story with a fey quality that make it a misty bit of Irish folk spinning. There's Danny O'Hara, a jockey's son with an inexplicable fear of riding. There's the great grey horse, Mig O' the Moor, that Shawn Flynn brings to America from his native Ireland. Shawn knows his horses and counts on a good price for Mig, though he acquired him mysteriously and unexpectedly from Moira, the oldest woman of the village of Ardelny. Back in America Danny makes friends with Mig, and their friendship makes Danny a better boy, Mig a better horse. Then, Danny's first race won with Mig, a small stable fire occurs, and Mig disappears, like a puff of wind. Only with this poignant ending do they find that Mig is the legendary horse of the O'Hara's old village, and that he had come from far away to make a man of a boy, and to restore to the O'Hara's pride in their racing blood.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1953
Publisher: Dutton