HORSE HAVEN by Nancy Caffrey
Kirkus Star


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Like Nancy Caffrey's other stories- Penny's Worth, Mig O' The Noor etc.- this has an original twist that should make it a warm experience for horse lovers. The Cornwall twins, Jay and Jan, are excited when their father buys a very old and worn out hunter, Charlie, from a riding stable where it is evident that he received bad treatment over a period of years. Charlie actually collapses when he gets to the Cornwall's but good care and feeding pull him through to the point where his likeable personality begins to show itself- along with some mysterious behaviour. When Charlie jumps he has no trouble with country walls but balks at wood rail fences. Finally there is the chance to enter him in a hunt where he helps win a ribbon for the Cornwalls. The recognition unearths his former owner and though the ending is bittersweet it is a memorable one.

Publisher: Dutton