KNIGHTS BESIEGED by Nancy Faulkner


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A veteran writer of historical fiction turns to the island of Rhodes during the 16th century for some intriguing adventure. Jeff Ronan escapes from pampered slavery at the court of Suleiman the Wise, sultan of the Turks, in a desperate gammit to reach his English homeland. En route he is picked up by the Knights Hospitalers, fighting monks of a myriad of nations who are pledged to ""kill the infidel"" and have been doing so from their home base on Rhodes. Jeff finds himself trapped as the Turks lay siege to the island. During the long months, Jeff comes to question the long revered society, its mores and codes of chivalry and discovers that not the principles, but the structure of the society itself has become outdated in the light of the new freedom of man's mind. Realistic adventure with an under-the-armor penetration of the men behind the title.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday